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"smart monitoring" - Liaoning TV "Liaoning news" reported


Release Date: October 22, 2009

Source: Liaoning TV



October 26, 2009, Liaoning TV "Liaoning news" reported: "100 Me-Communications Construction Engineering Test Monitoring System" in the Liaoning Provincial Expressway Construction


Lead: testings and examinations are an important means of engineering quality control in the highway construction process. In order to curb false data to ensure the quality of the project, the province will be the first in the country to promote the construction of intelligent traffic engineering test monitoring system.
Text: Huan Yong Expressway Supervision resident laboratory testing personnel are the main indicators of the steel and concrete testing. The test data is automatically collected by manual recording data to a computer which.
Interview: Huan Yong Expressway Project Director Director of the Laboratory Laizhen Lin (test throttle, otherwise unqualified products, indicators can be qualified, but now these operating data are a true reflection on this screen, the operator must be in strict accordance with operating procedures to do)
In addition to automatic data acquisition, another function of the system is the same as the aircraft's "black box" faithfully record the whole process of the trial.
Reporters at the scene: Qinghua (behind me is a group of central server located in Liaoning Province, traffic engineering quality and safety supervision bureau, road test data on the real-time transmission to, and even the testers to do the test report, filling Which one, after that fill a display crystal clear)
Technical personnel, around the test data can not be modified, deleted data, here have a backup, and can make use of the test playback "feature to analyze the reasons for the deleted.
Interview: YAN Fu-Shan, Liaoning Province, traffic engineering quality and safety supervision bureau of the General Division (a test Members of operational errors, there is a test material, the product itself is substandard, trying to cover up this fact, put the data deleted these cases are confirmed by the playback system)
The system has been identified by the scientific and technological achievements of the Provincial Science and Technology Department. At present, the system has been pilot Dan Tong, Yong-hwan, and newly started this year Liao open 8 highway. The use of the system in the process of highway construction is the implementation of the CPC Central Committee and State Council on the special efforts to carry out the construction field outstanding problems of the important measures.
Interview: Provincial Communications Department deputy director INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL (this set of data systems in the country's first promotion, we will be popularized in all the province's highway, better ensure the quality of our engineering, because everything we do The well documented)
(Editor: Liaoning TV)


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