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Intelligent detection for the engineering quality escort
Release Date: December 15, 2009 Source: Liaoning Provincial Communications Department

In the highway construction process, test detection is one of the important means of control of the quality of the project, in order to further standardize the assay, to curb the occurrence of false data, original data modification operation violations and other acts to ensure the quality of the project, Dan pass (Benxi Section), Huan Yong Expressway project headquarters to scientific and technological innovation as the starting point, to enhance the management philosophy, to develop management ideas, the first across the board to promote the use of intelligent mixing station with data monitoring system.

The end of July 2009, the headquarters through a wide range of consulting, scientific validation, carried out aimed at the effective control of the quality of engineering entity mixing station with data monitoring system development work, through a series of correction, improve, improve, two tunnel mixing station installation of the monitoring system.


Mixing station with than the data monitoring system is different from the past the manual recording data, the system to achieve automatic data collection of a pilot project for a variety of test equipment, upload, meta-analysis, process monitoring, test (automatic acquisition and non-automatic acquisition) data monitoring,special supervision and evaluation of the monitoring and management, and real-time SMS notification and many other features. Installation of the system tunnel mixing station during the test data will be collected automatically to a computer which, like the plane's "black box" as faithfully record the whole process of the trial, including deleted data, the data appears has order, and sends the data to the central processor and notice the first time in the form of text messages, the headquarters of the management, staff can organize the data in a timely manner, so as to ensure the reliability of the experimental data, the validity of , accuracy, timeliness. The system to ensure project quality, innovative means of supervision, strengthen supervision and management to improve the day-to-day work of the laboratory information technology, process-oriented, has an important role in promoting standardization of the test data can be more objective, more realistic reflection of the quality of engineering entity .
Mixing station with than the data monitoring system in two projects with the ratio test monitoring work has been skilled and effective, give full play to the positive role of the escort for the quality of the project, to obtain the desired effect. In the next step, the headquarters will further test data intelligent monitoring, remote video monitoring and innovative management philosophy throughout the whole process of construction, give full play to the positive role of monitoring, quality and efficient completion of the Dan-pass (Benxi) hwan-Yong Expressway various construction tasks.

(Editor: Liaoning Provincial Communications Department)


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