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In February 2012, the Hunan Provincial Communications Department 2012 report on the work of the province's transportation work conference adhere to scientific development, to achieve progress while maintaining stability, to enhance the Hunan Transportation service support capabilities "(p. 25)" asphalt concrete mixing stationintegrated management and control system project quality and safety in "activities" as to further promote measures to promote the use of. Highlighted in the report on the work of: (a) to further promote the project quality and safety in "activities; (b) promotion of asphalt concrete mixing station integrated management and control system, strengthen the construction of raw materials in approach, mixture production and factory test for detection of the key aspects of the intelligent monitoring, automatic data collection, transmission, storage, automatic alarm and other advanced means to plug the vulnerability of mixing station Technical Data Management to achieve real-time online monitoring of the quality of construction. (Source: Hunan Provincial Communications Department 2012 February 2)

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