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[Liaoning] built data platform for monitoring the quality of traffic engineering
Release Date: November 20, 2009 Source: China Communications News

October 22 in Shenyang, Liaoning Provincial Communications Department hosted the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements, traffic engineering quality testing

Intelligent data analysis platform and application "project passed the acceptance appraisal.
According to reports, the platform automation and computer technology, you can achieve the automatic acquisition of the test data,
Upload, meta-analysis, the test process monitoring and project supervision and evaluation functions. Hardware and software integration, business, monitoring
Control, analysis integration, innovative data entry process and track playback function. Applicable to the transportation infrastructure
Laboratory of trial management, applications and services.
Which achievement has been to test the application, the system is stable and reliable, upload the original data, End
Whole. To test playback and data analysis, the basic solution to a non-standard operations and problems test, standardized laboratory industry
Business processes, test data crackdown provide effective technical support and regulatory means, operable,
Use to achieve the desired effect. Provides an effective technology for transportation construction engineering project management, quality management
Support and means of supervision, improve the management level of the industry, to ensure the construction quality, good social benefits.
It is understood that the system is currently the leading domestic level in laboratory management and monitoring of construction technology,
The promotion of space.




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