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Traffic engineering quality testing and data intelligence analysis platform project 
Release Date: November 13, 2009 Source: Ministry of Transportation Zhijianzongzhan

December 13, 2009 -14 days, the National Transportation Quality Supervision Station (bureau) long forum held in Shenyang, Liaoning, all

Country provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government and municipalities the traffic Quality Supervision Station (Bureau) Station (bureau) long participated in the meeting,
Liyan Wu terminus of the Ministry of Master Huang Yong, deputy chief, Zhang Bing, deputy chief and chiefs attended the meeting. Liaoning Provincial Communications Department
Party secretary, director Billy Zheng, Vice-Chairman of the CPPCC Provincial Committee, deputy director Liu Zheng Kui, deputy director of the Ge Fang, Liu Ming-chu, Rock Hard
The leadership of the Office said that the convening of this meeting warmly congratulate INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL deputy director, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, the Liaoning Provincial
Engineering quality and safety supervision bureau chiefs and municipal Director attended the meeting.


Meeting, Liaoning, Anhui and other provinces and cities on quality control, safety supervision, concrete quality defects governance, supervision industry tree
The fresh air activities to create a special exchange floor. Other provinces and cities in the good practice of supervision in the region and the presence of
Issues of exchange and discussion. At the end, the Ministry terminus Liyan Wu Master published a paper entitled "forge ahead and meet the difficulties and
On Road and Water engineering quality and safety supervision work, strive to do an important speech, fully affirmed the engineering quality in the past year
Amount of safety supervision work achieved significant results, the effectiveness of Quality Supervision improved significantly, safety supervision work significantly increases
Provincial quality supervision agency made significant progress in the reform, the quality supervision system "learning tree" creation activities yielded good results. He
Pointed out that the National Highway and Waterway project quality and safety situation is stable, but the impact of factors that can not be ignored. In the scale of construction,
Construction period, the construction market, the quality of personnel, the preliminary work, rural highway funds and the project itself, save
In many factors affect the construction quality and safety production, we attach great importance to arouse. He stressed that the 2010
Harvest for the year is the "Eleventh Five-Year", the development of transportation construction, construction momentum will continue, project quality and safety
Management is still a top priority. Focus on the quality of development, strengthen management, improve project quality, the meeting of
Into consensus. Quality and safety supervision work must adhere to the scientific concept of development as guidance, in accordance with the "three services" to
Requirements, a clear understanding of the situation, task, clear responsibilities, forge ahead, rose to the challenge, to implement the plan. Closely integrated in
Central requirements and the overall deployment of the Ministry of Transport, do a good job of the governance of the outstanding problems, continue to carry out the engineering quality and safety supervision,
Deepen the concrete quality defects governance activities, to promote improved quality management. Strictly implement the construction of first-line of various safety systems and
Measures to carry out a risk assessment of bridge and tunnel construction, the elimination of major accident hazards, control the total number of accidents, and resolutely curb serious thing
Therefore occur. To this end, the quality supervision system next year should focus on the following seven areas: First, attach great importance to the quality of the project into the
To further strengthen the sense of quality. The second is to firmly grasp the focus of supervision, and further enhance the effect of monitoring. Third, innovation supervision
Mode, and further play the leading role of the construction unit. Fourth, earnestly carry out the concrete quality defects governance work. Fifth cut
Implemented to strengthen the construction of transportation safety supervision. Should earnestly strengthen the quality and safety supervision of team building. Seven effectively
Strengthen supervision and test for detection of management.
After the meeting, the delegates visited the site have been built and opened in Shenyang Airport Expressway expansion project and the construction of Dan
Expressway construction projects.
   In line with the convening of the conference, better protection traffic quality of construction projects, as early as the 13th 7:30-8:30
Will be broadcast live by our company independently developed "100 Me-Communications Construction Engineering Test Management System" publicity
Information to all the leaders of the participants issued more than 50 copies of the Products White Paper.
(Editor: the Ministry of Zhijianzongzhan)


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