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Traffic engineering quality testing and data intelligence analysis platform project passed the acceptance
Release date: August 28, 2009 Source: Office of Science and Technology Department


August 26, 2009, the Provincial Department of Communications Technology Education Department in conjunction with the construction at the terminus of communication and information in Dandong chaired borne by the Traffic Engineering Quality and Safety Supervision Bureau of Liaoning Province, traffic engineering quality testing, and intelligent data analysis platform project acceptancewill be assessed.

The project through test equipment transformation, the development of data acquisition module, build traffic engineering quality inspection and intelligent data analysis platform, to achieve a variety of automatic test equipment test project data collection, upload, meta-analysis, process monitoring and special supervision evaluation. Acceptance group finds that the system is stable and reliable, upload the raw data is true and complete; trial playback and data analysis, to basically solve the non-standard operations and problems test, and standardize the business processes of the laboratory test data crackdown effective technical support and regulatory means, operable to use to achieve the desired effect, and suggested that the field of transport infrastructure in Liaoning Province to promote the application.


(Editor: Yang Lei)


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