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Traffic engineering quality testing and data intelligence analysis platform site acceptance will Documentary
Release date: August 28, 2009  

August 26, 2009, the Liaoning Provincial Communications Department the Dandong Kuandian DONGTAI, Big World hosted traffic engineering quality testing and data intelligence analysis platform (hereinafter referred to as the "Platform") site acceptance. Acceptance Committee jointly by the Construction Management Office of Liaoning Provincial Department of Communications, Science and Technology Department, the Highway Authority, information terminals, Liaoning Province Highway Test Testing Center and other units. Panel members include: Communications Department chief engineer of professor-level senior Yuanguang Qin, Director of Communications Department at the construction and management of a professor-level senior engineer Liu Changhui, senior engineer Nie Peng, Director of the Department of Communications Science and Technology Education Department, Communications Department station owners senior engineer Li Tao, Engineering, Deputy Director of the Department of Transportation Highway Administration professor-level senior Xie Yong Choi, director of the Center of Liaoning Province Highway Test professor-level senior engineer Wang Kaibo. Participate in the inspection will be user representatives the Highway Test Center of Liaoning Province, deputy director, Yang Bin, director of the first director of the laboratory of Dan Expressway. The project team members attended the meeting: in Yang Fangguo, YAN Fu-Shan, Hubei Yuhui, Li-Hua Luo, Zhou Wei, Shi Xiaoning, Wang Wenli, Kang Jiayu, Sun parade. 100 Technology Co., Ltd., Shenyang, chairman and general manager Shi Qingsheng also attended the meeting. Acceptance will be divided into site visits, research and development and application reporting, to discuss the Q & A, evaluation findings, a summary of the five stages.

August 26, 2009 at 8:00, members of the Group of Experts on time to the the Dadan Expressway Director laboratory site to watch the application of the "platform", the staff demonstrates the compressive strength of concrete and steel tensile strength test, the test data immediately uploaded to the monitoring center of the Quality Supervision Bureau of the entire presentation is smooth, stable and reliable.
August 26, 2009 9:00 am members of the Group back to Dandong Kuandian DONGTAI Big World meeting rooms, the the 9:20 project team began to report to the Group of Experts on R & D and application. The meeting was presided over by the Expert Group, deputy head of a professor-level senior engineer Liu Changhui Director.
First report summary of the work done by the project team, deputy head of a professor-level senior engineer Zhou Wei. The report describes the project in March 2002 by the Traffic Engineering Quality and Safety Supervision Bureau of Liaoning Province, Shenyang 100 Technology Co., Ltd. to invest in developing, in June 2009 included in the Liaoning Provincial Communications Department plans. Research and development projects over a period of seven years and a half, invested 16.56 million yuan. The project team composed of units: 13 Traffic Engineering Quality and Safety Supervision Bureau of Liaoning Province, Shenyang 100 Technology Co., Ltd., Fushun City, test center.
And then by the project team of engineers, YAN Fu-Shan, Liaoning Province, traffic engineering quality and safety supervision Bureau Director application reports on the situation. The report pointed out that the data from the monitoring point of view, the platform has achieved the target of automatic acquisition and "black box", can regulate the experimental work in the following areas.
1, automatic data collection pilot project, does not allow manual input test data, to eliminate the phenomenon of fabricated data in the data entry process. Software design considerations to design concrete strength grade and engineering parts is to ensure the authenticity of the key indicators of the test data, automatic data collection is strictly forbidden to modify, to facilitate management by effective supervision.
2, the data can not be completely removed. The laboratories delete test data the provincial quality the Council on the server have a backup, and statistical summary to ensure that the data is not lost, and has not been tampered with.
3, during the test, does not regulate the operation of a comprehensive monitoring. Can automatically identify irregularities uninstall premature and excessive loading speed.
4, test information changes the whole record. Failing to test, in an attempt to cover up by modifying the time information can clearly see through the recording and playback process and content of the modified.
YAN Fu-Shan Director also talked about the work plan for the next step by the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau:
1, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau plans to introduce traffic engineering quality testing, and intelligent data analysis platform operation and use of management practices to ensure the effective operation of this platform, give full play its regulatory role. The end of each year, will test the detection unit is not standardized test for detection of behavior and illegal operations for statistical analysis, evaluation test detection unit level, and the results are included in the credit evaluation system.
Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau and Shenyang generation of information technology Co., Ltd. (Shenyang in 100) through continuous adoption of user views, to further improve the platform, to ensure better services for transportation construction projects.
3, in order to contain false data, enhancing the quality supervision and management, give full play to the role of the platform test monitoring, it is recommended to promote the application in the field of the province's highway construction and road test testing organizations, and hope each project headquarters and the Director's Office dissemination and application of the strong support of the platform.
Followed by the members of the project team, senior software architect Wang Wenli made the research and development technical summary report. The report defined in the platform is a set of test data acquisition, business management, process monitoring, data analysis, one of the new platform from the curb fraud, standardized management to enhance the pilot supervision. The platform is ideal for transportation construction projects detection units. The main results are: focus on hardware transformation was complete automatic acquisition. Test business management information, standardization and process-oriented. The process of data entry throughout the track can playback retrospective. Intelligent data analysis of the test results. The key hardware transformation transformation presses, other equipment such as Marshall detector serial interface data collection. Platform core trial management using self-developed central controller, the application of the technology is mature PLC controller, stable performance.
Finally, an economic analysis report done by the project team members. The project brought effectiveness is mainly reflected in two levels: First, it reflects the direct economic product sales; another is reflected in the product applications bring the entire transport sector as well as social, economic and social benefits.
August 26, 2009 10:00 am meeting into the warm, full discussion and Q & A discussion of the Q & A stage, experts and project team members to do.
Then users on behalf of the professor-level senior engineer Yang Bin, speaking on the scene to do a set of steel tensile test, a set of concrete compressive strength test was very successful; he said "platform" for the manager's role, I hope the managers clear operation norms, timely feedback the Statistical results; With this software work easier because the data failed to add to the dilemma, because the data directly to the provincial bureau server, to find that I can not change the heart of the province. Function needs to be perfect for laboratory users, such as the interface to provide real-time loading speed.
August 26, 2009 10:40 AM meeting the expert evaluation stage, after serious discussions to form a consistent acceptance views:
To complete their project plan provides the content, complete information, complete, meet the acceptance requirements.
2, through the transformation of test equipment, data acquisition module developed to build the traffic engineering quality inspection and intelligent data analysis platform, for laboratory trial management in transportation infrastructure, applications and services, to achieve a variety of test equipment test project data is collected automatically, upload, meta-analysis, monitoring and special supervision and evaluation of the testing process.
3, on outcomes of the test application, the system runs stable and reliable, upload the raw data real and complete; pilot playback and data analysis, the basic solution is not standardized operation and problem test, and standardize the business processes of the laboratory for test data fake "work to provide effective technical support and regulatory means, operable to use to achieve the desired effect.
In summary, unanimously agreed to acceptance.
Recommendations in the field of transport infrastructure in Liaoning Province to promote the application.
August 26, 2009 at 11 am, deputy head of the Group of Experts Liu Changhui made a concluding speech. He said the General Office of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council recently issued a "special efforts to carry out the construction field outstanding problems of opinions" (hereinafter referred to as "views"), and issued a circular requiring all localities and departments with the actual conscientiously implement . "Opinions" stressed that the implementation of the project quality and safety responsibility system, the leadership responsibility system; to play professional supervisory role of the engineering supervision institutions, strengthen the process of supervision of construction quality and safety.
Director Liu said that the afternoon of August 25, 2009, the Ministry of Transport held a National Transportation Systems Engineering construction prominent problem in the field of special treatment television and telephone conference. Minister Li Shenglin attended the meeting and delivered an important speech, stressed that to solve the field of Road and Water construction bidding, construction procedures, project implementation, quality and safety, and money management and other key parts and key links of the outstanding focus on issues and improve the work of special treatment targeted and effective. At the meeting, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of special treatment Work Leading Group, deputy head of FENG Zheng-lin convey the spirit of the National Project Construction prominent problem in the field of special treatment television and telephone conference, and around the Ministry of Transport to carry out the construction field outstanding problems specific work for plan "put forward specific requirements, with particular reference test for detection of the supervision and management of the data.
Director Liu said that the 4 trillion of investment in the national economic stimulus package, infrastructure account for a large proportion of transportation construction work is one of the most important in the context of expanding domestic demand, Liaoning, highway construction tasks unprecedented management situation is grim, The need to quickly promote the platform for the promotion, construction quality escort.
August 26, 2009 11:30 am, traffic engineering quality testing, and data intelligence analysis platform "on-site inspection will be a successful conclusion.



The members of the project team briefing to the Group of Experts




Laboratory staff in the entry test sample
Laboratory staff doing reinforced tensile test
Laboratory staff in view of test results
Project team members to the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau of the data uploaded in the show
Project team members report to the expert
Exchange of views between the members of the Group of Experts
Provincial Traffic Engineering Quality and Safety Supervision Bureau deputy director, project team leader Yang Fangguo speech
Provincial Communications Department, the Construction Management Division, Liu Changhui gave an important speech, deputy head of the Group of Experts
The acceptance conclusion of members of the Group and a member of the project team photo




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